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Janis Spindel plans to find husbands for some of New York’s gay men.

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By , August 15, 2011 8:15 am

Lesbians, however, need not apply. Ms. Spindel is maintaining the same business model she follows with straights: she only accepts male clients. “I’m sticking with what I do best—working with men,” she said.

Matchmaker Janis Spindel is seeking single gay men. With the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York, the high-end yenta has decided to launch a gay division. “Now is the time to rally,” she said. “I’ve officially gone gay.”
Ms. Spindel has already signed up eight clients. And with fees starting at $100,000, that’s a nice boost to her business.
Ms. Spindel, who’s been helping men find brides for nearly 20 years, is just 11 couples shy of fostering 1,000 marriages. She wants at least half of those 11 going forward to be same-sex. “How awesome would that be?” she crowed.

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To Strap or Not To Strap?

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By , December 29, 2010 6:15 am
To Strap or Not To Strap?

I am relieved I found this blog. I have been dating my bf for 4 months which is a long time for me. I care about him so much but we have a problemo. Here it goes: he wants to bring toys into our bedroom. A strap on to be specific.

He is very well endowed which is important. But here’s the problem. He wants me to use the strap on.

All of a sudden he mentioned the use of a strap on. He told me he wanted to talk and made me nervous. And then he sprung this on me.

As a guy, I am concerned. I’ve questioned my masculinity. Am I not well endowed enough for him? We had sex the first night and he really enjoyed it. He kept telling me how good I was. But if I’m so good, why does he want me to use a strap on on him?

I am now afraid he is cheating on me with a more well endowed man. What do you think?

Please help,
Anti-strap on man

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Watches Upscale Gay Men Buy

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By , September 21, 2010 6:55 am

Watches Upscale Gay Men Buy:

I’m a collector of fine things. Fine men, fine cars, and of course fine watches. To celebrate the Jewish New Year, I deemed it appropriate to buy myself a new watch. Sort of a Happy New Year present to my gay self. So what did I do? I headed straight to Audemar Piguet. Every gay man needs a nice watch. And where better to look then AP.

Amongst the sexy Royal Oak Offshores, I saw exactly what I was looking for. Aged appropriately, covered in leather, and free of diamonds. I knew I came to the right place. Instead of a watch, I found a sexy gay man. Since I was wearing my favorite Varvatos pants, I knew I looked good. I went right up to Mr. Fine, using my Matchmaking skills recently aquired from Janis Spindel, smiled, and said hello. He smiled back and we have plans for tomorrow night. Now that I scored myself a man, I still need a new watch. Guess that’s on tomorrows agenda before my big date.

Michael from Miami

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Fashion Meets Matchmaker

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By , September 2, 2010 3:30 am

I’m a very sociable man and have a sufficient amount of friends. My entire family is in the clothing business and I grew up knowing the difference between leather and silk. Because I was always surrounded by fashion I know how to dress. At a young age I learned the difference between square toed shoes and pointy toed dress shoes.

I never discuss clothes or shopping with my girlfriends but they all seem to think I’m gay. My female friends have been asking me if I want to be set up with a man but I don’t. I’m a heterosexual. How do I fix this problem?

Mark from NYC

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Matchmaking Crush

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By , September 2, 2010 3:29 am

I met my crush at the gym and he’s there as often as I am. He’s also very popular. It was apparent that he was a regular because all the men and women know him. He’s in scary shape, I think I can see his abs looking at me from his t-shirt. He always smiles at me but I can’t tell if he’s being friendly. My friends say a guy who looks that good and works out so much isn’t straight. Please help! I can’t stop thinking about him. Do you think he hasn’t asked me out because he doesn’t like me or because he is in fact gay?

Faye from San Diego

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Matchmaker Matchmaker is He Gay?

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By , August 26, 2010 1:04 am

What do you do if you think your friend is gay, but he does not realize it. I have been seeing him, or maybe some classify it as dating. We have been together about 2 months and we hang out three times a week. I am not going to be specific, but the answer to your question is no, we have not been intimate that way. We have not had sexual intercourse. Does that mean he is resisting his feelings about women, or does he now realize he might be gay and not attracted to women.

Has anyone else been in this situation before? I would be interested in hearing back from the king of matchmaking on this issue.

Pat from Oklahoma

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