To Strap or Not To Strap?

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By , December 29, 2010 6:15 am
To Strap or Not To Strap?

I am relieved I found this blog. I have been dating my bf for 4 months which is a long time for me. I care about him so much but we have a problemo. Here it goes: he wants to bring toys into our bedroom. A strap on to be specific.

He is very well endowed which is important. But here’s the problem. He wants me to use the strap on.

All of a sudden he mentioned the use of a strap on. He told me he wanted to talk and made me nervous. And then he sprung this on me.

As a guy, I am concerned. I’ve questioned my masculinity. Am I not well endowed enough for him? We had sex the first night and he really enjoyed it. He kept telling me how good I was. But if I’m so good, why does he want me to use a strap on on him?

I am now afraid he is cheating on me with a more well endowed man. What do you think?

Please help,
Anti-strap on man

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