Watches Upscale Gay Men Buy

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By , September 21, 2010 6:55 am

Watches Upscale Gay Men Buy:

I’m a collector of fine things. Fine men, fine cars, and of course fine watches. To celebrate the Jewish New Year, I deemed it appropriate to buy myself a new watch. Sort of a Happy New Year present to my gay self. So what did I do? I headed straight to Audemar Piguet. Every gay man needs a nice watch. And where better to look then AP.

Amongst the sexy Royal Oak Offshores, I saw exactly what I was looking for. Aged appropriately, covered in leather, and free of diamonds. I knew I came to the right place. Instead of a watch, I found a sexy gay man. Since I was wearing my favorite Varvatos pants, I knew I looked good. I went right up to Mr. Fine, using my Matchmaking skills recently aquired from Janis¬†Spindel, smiled,¬†and said hello. He smiled back and we have plans for tomorrow night. Now that I scored myself a man, I still need a new watch. Guess that’s on tomorrows agenda before my big date.

Michael from Miami

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Fashion Meets Matchmaker

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By , September 2, 2010 3:30 am

I’m a very sociable man and have a sufficient amount of friends. My entire family is in the clothing business and I grew up knowing the difference between leather and silk. Because I was always surrounded by fashion I know how to dress. At a young age I learned the difference between square toed shoes and pointy toed dress shoes.

I never discuss clothes or shopping with my girlfriends but they all seem to think I’m gay. My female friends have been asking me if I want to be set up with a man but I don’t. I’m a heterosexual. How do I fix this problem?

Mark from NYC

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Matchmaking Crush

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By , September 2, 2010 3:29 am

I met my crush at the gym and he’s there as often as I am. He’s also very popular. It was apparent that he was a regular because all the men and women know him. He’s in scary shape, I think I can see his abs looking at me from his t-shirt. He always smiles at me but I can’t tell if he’s being friendly. My friends say a guy who looks that good and works out so much isn’t straight. Please help! I can’t stop thinking about him. Do you think he hasn’t asked me out because he doesn’t like me or because he is in fact gay?

Faye from San Diego

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